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Drainbox 300/600 Drainage
Drainbox 300/600 Drainage

Drainbox 300/600 Drainage


Domestic: detached homes, cottages, rural properties, second homes, etc. Professional: Restaurants, small hotels, stores, workshops, small industries, etc.


  • Maximum temperature of liquid: 40°C.


  • Drainbox is the advanced, specific solution created by ESPA for the evacuation of water, from any source (foul water, faecal, water, rainwater, etc.) in all environments; domestic or professional, rural or urban, with complicated or unfavourable drainage conditions.
  • Drainbox collects, stores, treats and drives the water to the drainage level, offering a series of truly outstanding advantages in terms of versatility, installation and performance.
  • Drainbox is based on simple, highly effective drainage technology that enables each pumping kit to be customised with the type of pump that is most suitable for the function and services to be provided.
  • Drainbox is supplied with an innovative tank, and a design that includes a series of novel technical advantages which add up to multiple services that are accumulated for the purpose of customising each installation. Customers can select the input and output pipes, ventilation pipes, emergency evacuation system, retention valve, etc.

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