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The most efficient system for adjusting a pump’s hydraulic performance to the pressure and flow requirements of supplying water is through the use of variable-speed technology. In the case of supplying water to a building that requires a constant pressure regardless of the water flow requested, with a variable-speed system, in addition to improved efficiency, a high-quality, oscillation-free service is obtained, guaranteeing greater durability of the equipment and the installation.

The ESD unit receives a proportional signal from a pressure transducer fitted on the discharge pipeline. The ESD processes this signal and regulates the motor speed in order to keep the pressure constant at the established level, regardless of the variations in flow demand.

With this pump set the pump’s operation can be adapted to the different flow demands, constantly setting the consumption that is strictly necessary for the demand at any given moment. The energy consumption will be proportional to the water consumption. In comparison to the same system running at a fixed speed, this translates directly into energy savings.

Operating modes

The ESD has a backlit display and a 5-button keypad for displaying the user parameters. The installer can easily regulate and modify the basic operational parameters through the same interface. It also includes a reset option to recover the default factory parameters.

Adjustable operating parameters

  • Language: options ES, EN, DE, IT, FR.
  • Operation: AUTOMATIC – MANUAL
  • Set pressure: set point.
  • Differential pressure: hysteresis or difference in the set pressure that marks the start-up of the pump.
  • Maximum motor intensity: to regulate motor protection.
  • Pump sleep frequency: sleep frequency; this can be set manually or automatically.
ESD has a system for automatically calculating the pump’s sleep frequency on the basis of the specific characteristics of each installation and the set pressure point.
  • Pump stop temporisation
  • Nominal motor frequency: 50 Hz – 60 Hz.
  • Motor rotation reversal
  • ON–OFF auxiliary pump: auxiliary pump in fixed-speed DOL operation.
  • Auxiliary pump in variable speed mode by ESD at variable speed.

Configuration in auxiliary pumps

  • Activation frequency: activation frequency of auxiliary pumps.
  • Auxiliary pump activation temporisation.
  • Auxiliary pump maximum intensity.

Parameters displayed

  • Set pressure
  • Differential pressure.
  • Maximum motor intensity
  • Stoppage frequency
  • Pump stop temporisation.
  • Module temperature.
  • Alarm display: power surge, short-circuit, power failure and module temperature.
  • Operational register: number of start-ups, hours in operation and hours online.

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